Two Months Young

EH officially turned two months old almost three weeks ago, but I never got around to posting his updated stats!

We were thrilled that he gained enough weight to jump him up to the 22nd percentile!  Who knows what he weighs now, but the doctor felt confident that he was gaining rapidly enough that she thought he would ultimately be a fairly big baby/child.  We'll see about that... after all, that's what my OB doctor said throughout my entire pregnancy and we know that didn't end up being true!

Grading homework with daddy

He only gained a half inch in length (22 inches), taking him down to the 16th percentile in that category, and he grew a centimeter and a half in head circumference, putting him in the 40th percentile there.  So he actually went down in those two percentiles, based on his age, but since the weight was the only one where he was really below average, it was also the only one they really cared about this time. All in all, he's a growing boy.  We already knew that of course.

He turns 3 months only 12 days from now.  It's amazing how time flies. 


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