Not Quite Home Yet....

It's 10:38 a.m. right now, which means that little EH just celebrated completion of his third day of life.  Have 3 days really passed already? It seems hard to believe.

We should be on our way home right now, but little E's jaundice levels are high, so they had to do some additional bloodwork to make sure that he doesn't need to go under a bili-light.  Since his levels are already somewhat elevated, regardless of the blood test results, we will have to start supplementing his feedings with formula, since breastfeeding alone doesn't seem to be cutting it.

He's a pro at breastfeeding when he wants to be, but last night he screamed and cried instead of latching on and so I think that had a lot to do with his high jaundice levels today.  He just didn't get enough to eat in the last 12 hours.

So now we wait.  The boys are napping together on the bed, while I write this post.

There's obviously a lot to tell and hopefully I'll be able to do that sooner rather later.  Obviously August 11th was a crazy, whirlwind day - we were totally NOT expecting him to arrive so early!!!

But he's here, and we're just smitten so far.  We're also exhausted, sleep deprived, probably malnourished an definitely learning as we go, but it's been fun and exciting and crazy and overwhelming all at the same time.  We're already sure that our kid is the cutest of them all, despite the fact that he's not very keen on sleeping or eating at night. 

So I promise more stories to come soon, including the events leading up to EH's very unexpected birth!


Suzi said...

Love the new moniker. (EH) :)

Corinne said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Hopefully you'll be able to go home soon!

Emily said...

You should talk to a lactation consultant asap. Instead of supplementing you need to nurse all day and all night so he learns (it is a skill that has to be learned with time) and your body produces more milk. If you start with even a little formula now, your body will make even less milk, soon drying up and you'll never be able to give him the benefits of real milk.

Don't give up on you're little guy! Breastmilk is an amazing cure for jaundice. It's just hard and will take extra time and effort.

Lisa said...

We did talk to a lactation consultant and she supports the supplementing! Since I never went into active labor, my milk seems to be very delayed in coming in. I still nurse for every feeding, but then give him an extra ounce of formula at the end if he still seems hungry. It's working and hasn't seemed to cause nipple confusion at all. Plus, I want him to be able to take a bottle so that it's not just me who has to feed him all the time!

Eric Hartman said...

1. Love that pic of DH and the little man. 2. I am EH.

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