9 Days

There are only 9 days left until Baby Hartman is scheduled to make his debut.  I recently realized - and have come to accept - the fact that I will not be able to finish all of the posts that I wanted to get done before his arrival.  That makes me slightly sad, but then I remember that there are a lot of other things to be much sadder about and it seems silly to care about not getting a few blog posts up.  There are an equal number of things to look forward to and be excited about and I need to focus on that.

I only have 7 days of work left.  With my expected leave date being pushed up a whole week due to the c-section, and then being out of the office for a whole week due to the funeral, my preparation time for getting things together at work went from what felt like a month or more, to just a mere 7 days.  I am confident that I can do it though, and being out last week gave everything a great trial run for what it will be like when I am gone.  They did a great job so I know there's really no reason for me to be worried. 

So many things - oh, so many things - have occurred that were/are completely out of my control.  I need to remember that things will continue to occur that are completely out of my control.  (I hear that having a newborn is not exactly a walk in the park and that sometimes there might be a surprise or two in store.) 

Anyway, the real countdown has begun.  And while I promise to try to get up as many posts between now and hospital time as I can, I'm not going to make any promises about how many posts that will be.  Carrying around this melon of a body is exhausting and I'm not exactly bounding with energy when I get home in the evenings.


Suzi said...

Understandable. But at LEAST post a word or two on Fb so that we can just see how wonderfully you're doing!!! :)

Emily said...

you have to do a post on baby bonanza!

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