38 Weeks

38 weeks.
2 weeks to go until actual "due date."
1 week and 1 day to go until schedule c-section.
1 week left at work.
Still haven't packed my hospital bag and have no motivation to do so.  This is procrastination at its best.

Weight Gained - 34 pounds
Belly button - 20% out, 75% flat, 5% in (it's quite weird; see picture at the bottom of this post)
Stretch marks - Still none; I just need to get through one more week

Emotional State
Stable but fragile, but given the events of the past two weeks, and the impending events of the next two.  I have no doubt that August 18th is going to be an incredibly emotional day for a number of reasons.

Mental State
Ready to meet our baby. We're excited and nervous, which is probably exactly what we should be feeling.  I waver between wanting to meet him right now, and reminding myself to slow down and cherish these last few days.  Once he's out, he can't go back in.  Ever.  Everything changes. 

Physical State - ME
Ready to get this baby out of me.  He's getting too big for his/our own good.  A solid night of sleep continues to be harder and harder to achieve.  My spine aches at night. My back aches during the day.

Physical State - House
We are ready.  As ready as we will ever be.  Room is ready, everything is Dreft washed, products that he won't be big enough to use for months are assembled and waiting.  All the house needs now is a baby.  Oh, and our iron filter repaired, stat, because our water is crap and without the filter it smells like you're showering and washing in liquid iron/metal.  Probably not really good for a baby.

But otherwise, we're ready.  I just wish that one other person could still be around for the big day....


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