12-23-10 - Baby's first ski trip

Written on 12/23/10

We had already planned and paid for a ski trip well in advance of me finding out this news, and there was no way that I was going to miss it.  Although I understand that this is a major life change, I wasn't mentally ready for making major life changes right then.

So I did a little internet research and decided that it was totally safe to go skiing.  The main concern is falling, and this is mostly only a concern after the first trimester, when there is actually something there that you could fall on.  Right now there's really just a ball of cells.  This early on the only real concern would be if I broke a bone and had to get x-rays.

I love staying in hotels and I LOVE sleeping in king sized beds.  I wish we could fit a king sized bed in our master bedroom - it's like having my own zip code to sleep in.

Anyway, suddenly we weren't totally sure how to spend our evening once we checked in at 7 Springs.  Originally we were going to pass the time drinking at the Foggy Goggle or having drinks from a cooler and watching the skiers from the balcony window with the couch pushed in front of it.  But all of a sudden I couldn't drink, and at this early stage in the game, it was still very very hard to remind myself that I could no longer have alcohol.  This was the first of many nights where I was very sad that I couldn't drink.

Fortunately there was a Penguin's game AND a Steeler's game on that night, and we decided to still go to the bar to watch the game.  It would be a good test run to see if I could still "hang" around alcohol even though I couldn't partake.  Before we left, we decided to take a "before" picture of my belly, since I hadn't done that yet.

This is at 5 weeks and a day or two.  I think I had just consumed about a liter of water, so I was definitely pretty full.

Then we went to watch the game.  We had a great table where the Steeler's game was on to our left and the Pen's game to our right.  It was sports stimulation overload but I was successfully distracted and not too sad about the fact that I couldn't drink.

The next day we skied, and even though I had nothing to worry about, I found myself skiing rather poorly.  I'm not sure what it was, but I seemed to be more hesitant than usual to get any amount of real speed and that put a lot of strain on my legs.  I still had a great time but I wish I wouldn't have been so overly cautious as I am definitely sore from it still a few days later.

Overall though, baby's first ski trip was a definite success!  I can't wait to see a little Hartman on skis!


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