12-22-10 - Reality Check

Written on 12/22/10

Reality check - I really am pregnant!  Today was the day that I had decided I would take "the test" since it would be a full week past my regular cycle date.

I did this once before back in October, and it came out negative, so I wasn't really expecting too much.  But within 15 seconds, that blue plus sign appeared and I could not believe it.  Seriously could not believe it.

Do you watch "How I Met Your Mother?"  If so, you might remember the episode "False Positive" where Lily and Marshall took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.  The episode was focused around the concept that when you tell your friends good "news" that they immediately congratulate you and then they start thinking about themselves.  I immediately started thinking about what other people would think - would they be excited for us? (Of course they would be, at least on the outside.)  But would they also be annoyed? We have so many things coming up in the next year.. will this interfere with our other plans?

Anyway, all of that aside, I really am excited.  This is a big change, but we're ready for it.

In many ways, the timing could not be worse for finding this out.  Right before the holidays.  Right before I will see every single member of both of our families.  Right before the time of year when there is alcohol everywhere you look, tons of parties with fruity drinks and beers.  How in the world am I going to lie my way out of this one?  The problem with being someone who likes to partake in drinks is that everyone expects you to partake in a drink every time they see you.  Otherwise, they'll accuse you of being pregnant.  I know - it's happened to me many times.

But it's too early to tell people! Only 5 weeks along as of right now!  AND, I still haven't told DH yet!


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