The Limo Ride

The pictures from our wedding that were taken in the limo were some of our favorites, and they weren't even taken by our photographer.  We love those pictures, and they are some of our fondest memories from that because it was JUST. SO. FUN.  It was at that point that we truly felt like we were floating on cloud 9 - the realization that we were married hit us, and here we were, packed into a limo with some of our closest friends who were cheering for us and pouring us drinks.  So much fun.

Try to tell me that this doesn't look like fun.  Just try - I DARE you!

What I'm getting at with all of this is that these are pictures that we truly value having.  Dave wanted to make sure that he had an opportunity to capture some of these memories for Lil' H and Happy P, even if they didn't necessarily ask for them.  As it turned out, nearly everyone in the bridal party had a camera, but Dave still got a few funny photos that perhaps they'll look back on in a year or two and fondly reminisce.

There's nothing like drinking champagne directly out of the bottle

Why yes, that IS a stripper pole in the middle of the bus

It's too bad that limo's aren't more affordable - if they were, I think I would find occasions to get one with a bunch of friends to just celebrate in.


BeeKayRoot said...

I must say... I was the best man in my friend Jason's wedding a few months ago, and the limo ride was my favorite time of the evening/day. It was a blast.

And, about the photos... I just had a discussion with said friend about his wedding photos. He commented how he liked the photos his friends took much better than those the professional photographer took.

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