Keeping Up with the Big Boys

We spent the days following Christmas with DH's dad and stepmom at the home in south eastern Pennsylvania.  We drove through the snow, sleet, and rain and arrived to find no snow on the ground in their area - an extremely pleasant surprise.  It was even nice enough out that we took a walk outside one afternoon, on DH's childhood stomping grounds. 

EH had a blast as well.

Mr. Independent isn't a huge fan of being carried right now (I'm sure that will go away just as soon as he is too heavy for us to want to carry him anymore.)  So we walked along a fairly flat, even path in the woods (that still proved to be a little challenging for him) and he loved it.

He wanted so badly to keep up with the big boys.  And he actually did a fairly good job.

I love this kid.  He proves to be more awesome with every passing day.


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