6.2 Pounds - Woot Woot!!!

It's been 20 days since I started calorie counting through MyFoodDiary.com.  20 days since I started a regular exercise routine.  20 days that I've spent weighing my food, packing it in little bags for me to take to work, so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat anything more than I was allowed.  And in those 20 days I went from weighing 163.6 to 157.4!

6.2 pounds lost in 20 days!!?!?

I love it. 

I know that this early weight loss is the easy stuff.  It's the excess weight that I really shouldn't even have in the first place.  I'm hoping for at least 2 or 3 more pounds of "easy" weight.  If I can get to 155 quickly, I know that will motivate me to work hard to get to 150. 

150 is my short-term goal.  I hope to get to 150 by March 10th at the latest. 

My long-term goal is 143.  (If you're wondering why it's such a random number, it's because I started at 163.6 and I decided 20 pounds was a nice sounding number to lose.)  I hope to get to 143 by the middle of May.  Just in time for summer!

I am super motivated by success - I just hope that I keep seeing success, and that I don't let a slowing of success ruin my motivation.  I already feel stronger on the treadmill again.  I can easily run 2 miles at 5.3 mph without any pain or side cramps or any of those symptoms that I felt when I was terribly out of shape. 

It only took me 20 days to get a place where I'm motivated and I feel stronger.  I already fit back into two pairs of pants that were previously too tight. 

And because I know the only reason you're really here is to see a picture of EH, I will indulge you.


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