Making time

Things have been busy here. I've been working late most nights this week, so my limited precious minutes with EH are even more limited.  I come home, give him a hug and then cook dinner. Then I play with him for a couple of minutes and suddenly it's already time for bed. It leaves little time for much else. 

Our house is a mess, our yard a disaster, but it's ok. Things can wait. Because the yard will always be there, but this super cute 7.5 month baby is changing so quickly, each and every day, that spending even 10 minutes of EH's awake time doing yard work just seems like a waste of time.

And I only have one more week with him until he goes to spend a full week with his nana and papa! I don't know how I'm going to get by without him!


Corinne said...

such a cute photo!

Hopefully you'll be able to squeeze in some time with him this weekend!

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