Leaps and Bounds

Every week, I get a newsletter from Baby Center, telling me about my baby's development.  They're nice to read because it's fun to see what things my baby will be doing soon. But they can also be intimidating because when your baby isn't doing the things that the emails say he should be doing, you worry that something is wrong.

In the first few months of EH's life, we knew that because he was born two weeks early, that he might do many of things that other babies his age were doing until about two weeks later.  But once he hit 6 months old, that adjustment doesn't really apply anymore, and we started to notice that EH wasn't really on schedule, at least in terms of some of the "mini-milestones" that Baby Center said he should be reaching.

The post-roll "look"

For example, he didn't sit up on his own until many weeks after the BC email said he would be.  I swear that it was around the 3 month newsletter that BC had an article about "your baby" laughing and giggling like things at peek-a-boo.  EH had no interest in peek-a-boo.  As I've mentioned numerous times, he also hated tummy time, so when I got an email saying that my baby might be starting to crawl around, I felt sad because the only thing my baby did when on his stomach was cry and pound his face into the floor.

I know, I know... every baby develops at his own pace.  But even his pediatrician started showing concern about EH's development, and then we knew that we needed to do more.  This all happened right around the time that we were taking EH out of day care and moving him into A-care (which I promise to write more about very soon!)  So, we made sure to include some things - mostly importantly tummy time, eating solids, and sitting up - into our expectations of things that A-Care would do with EH each day.

In the three weeks that he has been there he has already made great improvements.  Within two weeks he already did his first roll! It took another week for us to get to see it ourselves, but once he got the hang of it he was literally "on a roll."  As you'll see in the video, it's hard to keep him on his stomach now.

Now our next goal will be to convince him to roll back onto his stomach, something I think will be much harder to accomplish.  For now though we're thrilled with his new found skill and we can't wait for many more!  I hope his pediatrician will be impressed as well.  We'd really like to avoid having to have EH work with an early intervention specialist this early on if we can avoid it.

Coming soon - Giggles!!!