Our First Family Photo

The day after Christmas we had a session with Picture People to have a family portrait taken.  We chose the day after Christmas because we didn't want to be overwhelmed by all of the people there for holiday portraits, and thus we also chose the first appointment in the morning that we thought we could handle.

Of course, this was following Christmas day, which was one of EH's fussiest days ever, due to a particularly nasty double ear infection.  We debated cancelling the appointment, but he seemed manageable that morning so we got him dressed, timed his naps and feedings perfectly, and got him to sleep in his car seat half an hour before we needed to head out the door.  Baby who just woke up from his nap is generally the happiest type of baby in our household.

I had reservations about what kind of pictures we would get from this session.  My sister gifted us a Living Social deal which was basically $10 for 3 sheets of photos (one pose.)  I was ok with purchasing additional photos as long as they were good, but knowing that they only spend about 10 minutes with you for pictures, and knowing that EH was really hurting, I definitely had my doubts.

My favorite of the family

But a few of the pictures turned out great, and for just over $50 we ended up walking away with two family shots and two portraits of EH by himself.  Sure the session was pretty standard, the backdrops were boring, and the photographer wasn't very creative with poses or getting something more natural than "smile at the camera" but in the end, I'm glad we did this.  EH is so adorable how could these NOT turn out good, right?

My favorite of EH

DH's favorite of EH

DH's favorite family photo

I think this is probably something that we should try to do once a year.  I'm sure it will be amazing to see how much he changes from year to year, and usually since either DH or I are taking the pictures, we rarely get a picture of all three of us.  Of course, with our fancy camera, new tripod that we got for Christmas, and a little effort, we might even be able to produce some family pictures of this quality ourselves!


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