Bumbo Fun

A few weeks ago we finally broke out EH's Bumbo.  If you're not familiar with what a Bumbo is, don't worry - you'll see one in the pictures below.  They're designed to help your infant "sit up" on their own when they're really not yet able to sit up.  As long as they have control of their neck/head though, this little seat usually does a good job of keeping EH propped up. 

Apparently on this particular day we thought it was really funny to put this toy on his head.  

The Bumbo works by basically squeezing them into this soft foam seat, with enough back and leg support to keep them upright.

 Oh, those baby blue eyes!

Reading his book at his "desk" with Murph

Sadly I can already tell that he's going to outgrow this thing faster than I'd like him to, but I'm pretty sure that's how the story goes for all things baby.  I love that we can put him it and walk away for a short period of time (never far, never long) and know that he's in a good safe place.  It's also nice to get him off of the floor, in a position other than laying on his back.  (Now that his hair is starting to grow, it's soon going to be really obvious that he has an enormous bald spot on the back of his head.)


Suzi said...

So, not to be the bearer of bad news, but...

Do you know about the recall on these? I don't usually pay too much attention to recalls, but I did this one. Frank was able to use the bumpo pretty well for awhile, b/c he was a peanut. But we did have the same trouble the recall explains with Tali. She always popped herself out of this thing! It made me SUPER nervous.


...for what it's worth! Every mama's got to assess her own situation and make her own decision. :)

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