Oh, Come on....

I've talked at length about how stressful August was for us.  I was looking forward to September 1st for awhile now - a new month, a new start, and hopefully a lot of quiet. 

But then September 1st came and I realized about mid-morning that our water wasn't working right.  I flushed the toilet an hour later and the water stopped running altogether. I tried to wash my hands - nothing.  Just air coming out of the faucet.

Great.  September is starting off with a bang.

We have well water, which is super annoying and I absolutely hate it, particularly because the people across the street and the people up the street all have city water, but we're just a little too far down and so we're stuck with well water.  Our well water sucks.  It's chock full of iron and the iron build up clogs everything it comes into contact with.  Our toilet and tub is stained with a layer of nasty brown filth that's nearly impossible to get rid of.  We spends hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year on various water filters - UV light filters, rope filters, weird chemical filters that involved a beet-juice colored powder that stains everything it comes into contact with.  Seriously, our water goes through so many filters it should sparkle like diamonds.

But it doesn't.  It's brown - or sometimes purple, if the iron filter malfunctions - and today, it decided that it doesn't want to come into our house anymore.

I was lucky enough to get a guy to come out within a couple hours of realizing the problem.  After over an hour of trying to figure out the problem, it turns out the motor in the well is bad.  The motor in our 105 foot deep well.  So I think we're looking at a repair bill of at least $500, probably a lot more.  But what can you do when you have a newborn baby, lots of dirty diapers, dirty dishes and a toilet that needs flushing??? You suck it up and pay whatever you need to pay to have the problem fixed.

I've said this before and I will say it again and again and again a thousand times over - RENT, people!!  Homeowner-ship is for the birds!!! 

(And if you're going to insist on buying a house, at least make sure it has public water and public sewage!)


Suzi said...

Well scare the crap out of me! My BFF has one, and when we were house shopping (for the 3rd time), I was actually contemplating houses with wells, thinking, "oh, if she can do it, I can do it!" I don't think I could do it. I have little patience for necessities-gone-bad. (Or, in your case, just necessities-gone.)


Suzi ... again said...

That was supposed to be "WellS scare the crap out of me." Contrary to what I originally commented with, your post did not actually scare the crap out of me. (It wasn't, "Well, scare the crap out of me.")


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