First of all, I just wanted to say that I am ok!  Really, I am. I was actually ok on Friday afternoon when I wrote that post, but I guess I didn't make that as clear as I thought I did.  Thank you to everyone who commented on that post, sent me kind emails, and helpful Facebook messages.  They meant a lot to me and were really thoughtful!

In other news, last night was the first time in a looooong time that I got a full 8 hours of sleep!!! Granted, it took 12 hours to get it (10:30 p.m. to 10:30 a.m.) and it was definitely not uninterrupted, but it was much needed and I feel so much better.  It's the first time I've gotten that much sleep in one night since before EH was born.

 I know!! We were BOTH shocked!

It's only 1 p.m. and I've already eaten lunch AND have dinner cooking in the slow cooker.  That may not sound like much, but trust me, it's a huge accomplishment and perhaps the most productive I've been in all of my maternity leave time.  And it's only 1 p.m.! 

I know it's probably just a fluke and that I'm probably jinxing myself by celebrating this little victory, but it's just so nice to finally feel like we're making small steps towards getting EH on something that resembles a sleep schedule.  I've ordered two different books about baby sleep training and I can't wait to start reading those.  He'll be 6 weeks old on Thursday and that's usually when you can start that sort of thing.  And with only 6 weeks left of my maternity leave, I'm hoping it's enough time to get him on a schedule before I have to go back to work. 

Thanks for the sleep EH!


Emily Bosak said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you :) He's a cutie!!

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