Topes Y Cenotes - Tulum, Mexico, Part 6 - Dreams Tulum Beaches

On our second full day, DH was still feeling weary from the day before, but was definitely ready to start feeling better.  Although I had tons of plans for the week, we decided to play it safe and just spend the day at the resort to see how things went with the upset belly.

We started with breakfast at the buffet.  Isn't this great presentation? Too bad I accidentally put honey on the french toast instead of syrup.  I HATE honey.

 After breakfast, we decided to take a morning stroll on the beach.  It was still before 9 a.m. - after all, we went to bed at like 8:30 p.m. the night before.  The beach was beautiful.  One of the reasons that I chose this resort over all of the others closer to Cancun is that it was a more secluded location and I had read that it was an amazing place for long walks on the beach.

 Early morning swimmers

Of course, long walks were not in our near future, since we needed to stay near the resort "just in case," but we did take a decent walk and it really was beautiful.

There were some sections of the water (above) where there were a ton of large rocks.  In these areas, the waters hit the rocks and didn't roll up on the beach like they do in other areas not blocked by rocks, and in these rocky waterline areas the sand wasn't a coarse mixture of shells and stone instead of the soft fine sand elsewhere on the beach.

What the sand looked like in some areas

Snails in shells clinging to rocks

We came across a palm tree close to the shoreline that had dropped some coconuts.  I was hoping to find a brand new, fresh coconut that I could crack open, but after all of the hard work to pry it open, it was already hollow inside.  Oh well, I was still excited.

DH took the picture below, and he entitled it "Gulf Oil Spill."  For the record, no, there was no oil affecting any of the beaches in Mexico.  Because of the currents in the gulf, the oil is pretty much affecting only US coastlines, plus, we were even further south than Cancun.

I could have walked on the beach all day. It was beautiful and breezy and cool and because there were no other resorts or houses or people nearby, it felt so private and untouched by man.  But the sun was now starting to shine and we hadn't put on any sunscreen since the beach walk was impromptu.  Plus, DH felt a rumbling in his belly, so we headed back.

After applying copious amounts of sunscreen, we claimed some chairs by the pool.  We were only there for a short while though when DH decided that he needed to go back to the room.  He said that he would come back and so I stayed behind at the pool.

I'm not sure if time just passed really slowly for me because I was alone, or if DH really was gone that long, but it felt like he was gone for an eternity.  I started getting concerned and so I packed up all of our stuff and headed back to the room.  On the way, I ran into him returning from the room, but he still didn't feel great.   We knew that the resort had some sort of on-site doctor, so we walked around trying to find it.  After walking around in the back section of the resort, where the convention center, spa, Explorer's (children's club) and gym were all located (obviously we didn't go back to this section very often), we found the doctor's office, only to find that he closed at 3 p.m.  It was literally like, 3:05 p.m., and we tried the door, but it was locked.

It was at this point that we decided to seek out the resorts gift shop, since I had heard that there was a little pharmacy on location (overpriced, but when you're sick on vacation, you'll pay anything, right?)  DH was feeling more nauseous than anything, so we purchased something called "Vomisin" on the recommendation of the woman working behind the counter.  We paid about $100 pesos and went back to the room to relax.

This is sort of when I really started becoming selfish.  I felt like I was slowly watching my vacation slip away as it was already day 3, and we really hadn't done anything other than lay around.  We hadn't stayed out for a single evening of drinking and fun and we hadn't met anyone else because we were spending so much time in our room.  I tried not to say anything, but my mood made it obvious.  I did feel really bad for DH - no one wants to be sick on vacation!  But at the same time I wanted to cry as I realized that this might be the way we spend the rest of our vacation.  I wished that there was at least one other person with us so that I could hang out with them instead of sitting in the room waiting for DH to feel better.  Yes, that's right, I wanted to be able to abandon him in the room so that he could do his thing and I could do mine. His thing being sick.  Again, I know it was selfish, but at the time, after months and months of planning for and dreaming about this trip, this was NOT how I had imagined spending it.

After a couple of hours in the room, he was able to pull himself together enough to go to dinner.  We decided to try to French restaurant, called Bordeaux.  This was the only adults only restaurant on the resort, and it was definitely a cute little place.  We got there right when it opened, so we were seated immediately, and this was my favorite place to eat the entire week.

Dinner took a long time, and I think it was after 8 by the time we left.  This was Mexican fiesta night and there were a lot of vendors with stands set up, selling souvenirs and jewelery.  The buffet was also set up outside, in front of the stage section of the plaza where a Mexican themed show was about to start.  DH started to feel sick again, so he got a cappuccino at the coffee shop, while I ordered a strawberry daiquiri at the bar.

Turns out that like myself, DH is not a huge fan of real cappuccino, and prefers what I call "gas station cappuccino" over the real stuff.

As a huge fan of Mexican food, I wanted to see they had on the Mexican Fiesta buffet.  I ate two amazing tacos - one was a bean taco and the other was a potato taco - as well as a few other tasty Mexican treats.  Yes, that's right, I ate two dinners this night.  DH just sat with me since he was not able to eat a second meal.  We watched some of the Mexican Fiesta show, but he was really starting to hurt, so we called it a night once again. 

Coming Up...
Will DH's sickness continue to affect him for the entire vacation? Will they EVER get to leave the resort?  And what about staying out past 9 p.m. some night???  Stayed tuned!


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