Topes Y Cenotes, Tulum, Mexico Part 5 - Lazy

Day 2 (first full day) of vacation we had one goal in mind - be incredibly lazy.  Although I had a whole list of places to go and things that I wanted to do, I also knew that DH needed to unwind after an incredibly gruelling summer of rental property renovation.  The first thing we did was request a room change, because our air-conditioning was not cooling the room properly, but after that was taken care of, we hit the beach.

This day was dedicated to 3 things - drinking, reading, and sunning.

I did all three of those things quite successfully.  My favorite activity combined all three of those things - standing in the pool, reading a book, all while sipping a drink.  I got many compliments from passersby on my mad skills whenever I would start walking around the pool, reading with my book the air, drinking in my right hand.  They were impressed that the book wasn't soaking wet.  What can I say?  I'm apparently more talented than them.

It was also on this day that we encountered the first of what would be many iguanas.  I loved the iguanas.  I wish I could take one home.  We like to buy an ornament from each vacation destination that we visit for our Christmas tree, and I had decided that I wanted to find an iguana ornament.  It turns out that the locals don't enjoy the iguanas nearly as much as I do, since we had the hardest time finding anything in the iguana form, let alone something that could serve as an ornament.  We finally settled on a key chain that looked slightly more like a lizard than an iguana, but it will do.

I took this picture when I still thought that getting to see an iguana might be a novel thing

This was also the day that DH's stomach issues began.  We don't know exactly what caused it, but on this particular day we ate at the buffet for breakfast, and then he had a hamburger and hot dog from the pool side grill for lunch.  I ate half a hot dog because I was full from strawberry daquiries, although I regretted that decision later in the day.  Then we went for a late lunch at the Sea Side grill where I ate a club sandwich and DH had the flank steak sandwich.  He thinks that this sandwich may have caused his troubles, since it had onions on it and he thinks that onions are the root of his problem.  He didn't eat enough onions during the course of the week to convince me though, so I'm still saying it was the dairy.

Anyway, we went back to room so that he could be sick for awhile.  I was ready for a break out of the sun anyway, so it was a welcome break and while he spent time in the bathroom, I spent time on our hammock.

It was super comfortable

My view from the hammock - I was more than a little drunk at this point

So after a nap, it was evening and I got ready for dinner and DH writhed on the bed in pain.  I read my book for a bit, sat outside on the balcony, trying to kill time until he felt well enough to go with me.  I was starving by this point.  Remember? No lunch for me.  He didn't think he could make it.  But, there was no way that I was going to dinner at a fancy resort by myself, so when he found a moment when he didn't think he was going to die, we rushed to the buffet and he sat in agony while I stuffed my face as quickly as I could.  I have no idea what the entertainment was that night.  There was no way that we were going to be going to it. So, needless to say, we were off to bed after that, and I was praying that tomorrow DH would be feeling better.


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