Halloween 2013 - Still no candy!

For the third Halloween of his existence, EH did not go trick or treating.  We were all ready to take him this year, but it was raining like crazy and since he didn't know what he would be missing - and since it would still be more for us than for him - we decided to stay home.

We practiced carrying around his pumpkin the weeks before

But his Halloween costume didn't totally go to waste!  This past weekend we had our annual "Fakesgiving," when DH's side of the family gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving prior to the event itself, allowing us to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sides of the family without any conflict.  The morning after Fakesgiving we put all of the cousins in their costumes and set out on a hayride in the back of a truck - except that EH refused to get into the back, and insisted on sitting up front.

Have I mentioned that we are deep in the middle of the terrible twos?

Have you ever seen a serious monkey driving a four wheeler? I have.

EH's penchant for throwing tantrums means that we are often those parents who have to remove their screaming toddler from the restaurant or wherever we may be.  It also means that all of the other children nearby walk away looking like saints compared to the devilish child that EH becomes when he's in full blown tantrum mode.

But when he's dressed like a monkey, it's hard to stay mad at him for long.... especially when he's a monkey driving a tonka truck.  Too cute. 

On this particular day, EH's tantrum resulted from him wanting to be the ONLY one driving the little tonka truck, and our insistence that he takes turn.  Have I also mentioned that he's not very good at sharing?

So, I promise you that he was a cute little monkey, even though I couldn't get him to stand still to pose for a photo.  His little cousins were an owl and a bunny this year.

One of these years I'm sure that EH will go trick-or-treating, and I figure from that point on, there is no going back, so I'm glad that we were able to avoid the rain but still get to enjoy our little monkey!


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