Such a Smartie Pants

EH continues to amaze us every day.  Even though he's not growing physically nearly as quickly as he did during his first year, his intellectual developments are far more profound and - in my opinion - much more exciting.

Although there have been a few instances where he would do the traditional toddler babbling and we had no clue what he saying, for the most part he communicates using real words.  Considering that he's not even two yet, this is really impressive to me, although I suppose it could be really common and I just don't realize it.

He knows his numbers up to 10 (usually skipping 9 though, in his excitement to yell "TEN!") and during quiet moments you'll suddenly hear him starting singing the beginning of the alphabet (A B C D E....) to the actual tune, usually one octave higher than I think he should be attempting.  It's little things like that that make me realize his little brain is always working... always thinking.

A few weekends ago we were asking him to name people.  He knew most people around the table, but when it came to one of his half-aunts that he hadn't seen in a long time until that weekend, he paused.  "What's her name?" we asked.  He didn't answer and we forgot about it and kept eating breakfast.  But five minutes later, he quietly said, "Amy."  DH and I looked at each other in amazement - it appeared that EH had been thinking about what her name was that entire time!  We were so impressed.

In the morning, he says, "Hi Mama," followed quickly by "Pee in potty?"
On our way out the door he says, "Sherrie's house!" excitedly and then asks "Milk?"
If you ask him what he wants to eat, he'll almost always say "Chicken taco."
Today he said, "Go downstairs" as we were heading to the car.
He says "Broom," when he wants his broom, and "sweepin'" when he's using it.
He stops and looks at the pictures on our wall and names the people in them that he knows.
When Murphy is barking he says,"No bark!" or "Bad boy!" and shakes his pointer finger.
When he wants to read a book, he asks "Book?" and then commands you to "Sit. Down." Pointing at the ground where you need to sit.
If you sneeze, he'll say "Bless you." If you say "Thank you" in response, he'll come back with "Welcome."
If you give him something, he'll thank you directly (and then usually also add "welcome" after that.)
When he wants to go outside, he asks "Outside?" and once there usually starts with "Swing?" or "Slide?"

And the most exciting one that just happened recently!?!?  He can SPELL HIS NAME!
Isn't that awesome?
And, I can tell you, oh so cute... 

Yelling "Ooouuuuuut" - He did NOT like being in the pool at first

These are a just a few examples of the interactions that we have with him each and every day.  It's really quite remarkable.  Although he has been known to throw a tantrum or two when he's hungry or if he has a poopy diaper but doesn't want to tell (almost every time he's playing outside, because he doesn't want to have to go back in to get it changed), for the most part he is an amazingly happy baby, and I think that part of that is because he can communicate with us, and we understand him.


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