Little Sister's Wedding

(My apologies to my Facebook friends who are also blog readers, as you are going to see the same pictures here that you already saw on Facebook. Sorry!)

I already showed you the flowers that I did for my sister's wedding last weekend (which I actually really enjoyed doing!) but since I was also sort of the photographer as well, (or, at least, one of a few people who were taking pictures) I wanted to post a few more pictures from the festivities!

Walking down the aisle

The ceremony was your standard Catholic wedding mass.  And maybe it's not a standard part of Catholic weddings anyway (I can't recall when the last Catholic wedding that I attended was), but the priest never said "You may kiss the bride!"

The sort of awkward expressions on their faces in the picture above are them thinking, "Is he going to say it??" and then realizing it wasn't going to happen.

In front of the church

Afterwards there was a small reception gathering at my parents house, where desserts, cheese, fruit, chips and salsa and drinks were served.  There were a few brief speeches, and then all of the bridesmaids were given wine glasses with our names on them.

The day was incredibly cold for May, but it didn't rain, and that's really what counts.  Trust me when I say that in every outdoor picture you see, I wish I was wearing a sweater, and I was always throwing it off at the last second.

We tried to take some family shots sans children, but EH decided he that he wanted to be a part of these pictures, and refused to walk away (he also refused to give up the num-num, which he is usually not allowed to have during the day - I don't actually know who gave that to him, or if he just randomly found it.)  Anyway, that's why everyone is laughing in the photo below.  I like to think of this as EH's first photobomb.

So we finally gave in and decided children could join in on the photo.

The sky was overcast, but that made for nice pictures without a lot of shadows or squinting, since it wasn't bright!  All in all it was a good day, and in a few weeks we'll be at it again when they have their larger reception for friends and extended family!


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