EH is a full blown toddler these days, always moving, always into something unless he's sleeping or eating.  So much so that it's nearly impossible to photograph him without some degree of blur, even when I use my DSLR.  Getting pictures with my phone camera - which has a shudder speed of about 4 seconds - is completely and utterly impossible these days. Totally out of the question.

But sometimes, when  we're playing outside, it's bright enough out that I can set my shutter speed to something like 1/1250 of a second, which seems to be the necessary speed to catch a toddler in motion.  

"Outside" is a word we can't say too loudly in our house.  EH loves being outside, but it's been so cold and snowy lately that even when bundled up, his cheeks get so red and chapped and his nose runs so much that we try to avoid outside unless it's reasonable above freezing.  I can see why stay at home moms start to get stir crazy in the winter - there's only so much you can do with a 28 pound ball of energy indoors. 

So, occasionally we do decide to put in the time to bundle up and go outside.  Even though we can never tell for sure when we're outside whether or not EH is actually enjoying himself, the meltdown that takes place when we decide it's time to go back in tells me that he likes it. 

EH's snow suit was purchased for $2 by my mom at Goodwill.  It still had the tags on it.  It's slightly small on him but for as much as we go outside, it was the perfect price, and the perfect suit.  Don't spend $50 on a snow suit for your toddler - for as much as he's going to wear it, get something used that is much, much cheaper.  

Same with snow toys like sleds.  EH doesn't actually seem to enjoy sledding.  He would much rather follow his daddy down the steep gravel driveway and then walk back up it, than go sledding.  

We are all looking forward to the spring... warmer weather means more outside time with less layers.  It means getting ready for this years garden, and EH has already been in training for gardening season, practicing with his wheelbarrow.  I can't wait until he can do so without needing 10 different layers on to do so.  

Come on spring!


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