At the moment, EH is not currently teething. Thank god. It means that we're not changing his bib 6 times a day and it means that we don't have to medicate him with tylenol just to get to sleep at night.

Molars are tough. I don't remember what it felt like to have my teeth come in, but I'm pretty sure that EH is a trooper about the whole thing, even though he's not totally immune to tooth pain. 

Look at the size of those molars back there.

He's mad because I wouldn't give him a "bite" - his new favorite word

If you can't see them well in the picture, just trust me, they're huge.  He has four of them right now, and I don't even remember how many molars a person has, but I know it's more than four, so I know we have quite a few more that we're going to have to get through.

The upside of molars though? Evan just having 4, he can pretty much eat anything now!  He chomps on apple slices, can grind through chicken (FINALLY our vegetarian baby is starting to embrace protein, especially if it's the roasted chicken dish from Houlihan's, perhaps his favorite chicken ever), and we even give him small pieces of tortilla chips when we're at a Mexican restaurant.

That doesn't mean that his overall diet has changed - he still primarily eats fruits, vegetables and dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, or cubed cheese) during a normal day, but being able to order him a taco, or give him an apple that doesn't need to be steamed first has made going out to eat with him much more manageable.

So, molars and I - we have a love/hate relationship. 


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