Big Boy Food

At EH's one year check up, we got the new orders - no more baby food.  It's all big boy food from here on out.  (Well, except for the baby food that I had already made - you better believe I'm not just throwing that stuff away.) 

The goal is to have him feed himself at every meal, as much as possible.  This was initially quite a challenge for us, because we were coming off of a week of vacation, a week with company, and then weeks of crazy work hours that involved next to zero nights of cooking on my part.  Needless to say, we didn't really have much food in the house that we wanted to feed a baby, unless we decided that we were ok with giving him Domino's pizza, tortilla chips, or hamburgers.  (We weren't.) 

So we had to improvise, then the diced-up tomatoes straight out of the garden - yay garden! - that he got that first night for dinner. 

Since then DH has done some grocery shopping (without me, since I worked allllll weekend long this past weekend) and EH has been happily downing bananas, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, eggs, cheese, chicken and beans the past few nights. So far he seems to be enjoying it all.

We are also transitioning to him to whole milk as of this weekend.  For now, he's still getting formula at bedtime, partially because we know that it fills him enough to get him at least 10 hours of nighttime sleep, and partially because you better believe that we're not going to throw away that expensive formula that we have left over.  He's going to finish it, and then he can be on whole milk permanently.  The good news is that in terms of quantity of ounces, we were right on target regarding the amounts of milk he should be getting, so no change there.

Once he's fully on milk and accepting that happily we will move on to the real challenge - getting rid of the bottles and moving to sippy cups.  EH loooooves himself his bottles (as I think most babies do) and does not seem to be particularly fond of sippy cups so I'm terrified of how that is going to affect his naps and naptime when we finally do force that transition. 


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