Fingerlakes Weekend - Some final random pictures

We had beautiful weather our entire weekend that we were in Watkins Glen.  The days were sunny and hot, but not humid, and the evenings were nice and cool.  It made DH proclaim that he wishes to live "where the grapes live."  Apparently grapes like hot but not humid climates. 

The four pictures below are just some general pictures from the downtown Watkins Glen area that we took when we were there for the Cardboard Boat Regatta.

On the second day that we were there, we visited the Glenora Winery and did a wine tasting.  Even though I'm not a huge fan of wine, I actually legitimately enjoyed nearly every wine I sampled, and we then had lunch at their restaurant overlooking the vineyards and the lake (which conveniently you can't see because of the railing bar.)

The grapes were still really tiny - apparently they aren't harvested until fall.

If you're in the Fingerlakes region and you're looking for a winery (they're everywhere so you don't have to look hard), check out Glenora - we definitely enjoyed it!



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