Baby Literacy

One of DH's favorite things to do with EH is read him books.  He wants his baby boy to be smart and well read.  For the first couple of weeks of EH's life, DH read him a book every single day.  Although he's missed a few days here and there since then, he still reads to EH rather regularly.

Sometimes EH doesn't seem to care about the books.  But other times he actually seems to be mesmerized.  I thought that these pictures were just too adorable to not share.

Looking at the bright colored pictures

Admiring his daddy's excellent reading voice

When he's into it, he's sooo into it, and it's just adorable it's another one of the many things that makes me melt with love for these two.

And although we definitely want to instill in him a love of books and reading, we're going to do our best to get him more interested in science and math, since as these two English majors will attest, English is not where the money is.  I'm thinking engineer, maybe?  Or perhaps a scientist or doctor?


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