Life with a 9 month old

Some morning things so pretty smoothly for me, and others are a total and utter disaster.  Now that EH is more mobile, I find myself having to check on him more when I am getting ready in the morning, because he's often getting into trouble.  This means that I am often running later than I should be.  I should probably wake up earlier but it is so hard to wake up any earlier than I already do, especially after a night when EH woke up no less than 5 times. 

I'm not sure if more things could have gone wrong this morning, but what a mess.  I was putting EH in his car seat around 7:20 when I thought I smelled pooped.  I was right on time so far - leaving at 7:20 means I get him to A-Care at 7:30 and that usually works out perfectly for my drive into work as long as there isn't construction or an accident.  But I didn't want to leave him in a poopy diaper, so I checked his diaper and sure enough, he needed to be changed. 

I cleaned him up and was putting some Desitin on him when he started peeing.  Everywhere.  Everywhere.  Oh the joy of having a little boy. 

For some reason my first thought/reaction was to try to catch the pee with my hand, which resulted in him sitting in a puddle of urine and me with a pee soaked hand.  Ugh.  Socks, shirt, everything was wet except his pants which were off by the diaper holder.  So I start undressing him, but I realize that he's still sitting in a pool of pee so I pick him up (with my pee covered hand) and pull the changing table pad off.  

Well, while I was holding him and doing all of that, he grabbed a hold of the necklace I was wearing - a black beaded one that I wear all the time - with both hands and when I went to lay him down he pulled with all of his might. 

The necklace snapped. Beads flew everywhere, and EH had two handfuls full of beads which he promptly tried to put in his mouth.  He is still totally naked - a huge liability in terms of getting peed or pooped on again - and still sort of damp because I hadn't finished drying him off from the pee disaster, so the smaller beads are sticking to his skin.  There I am - still with a pee soaked hand which I finally remedied but pulling one of his bath towels out of the closet - trying to pry beads out of his hands before he chokes on one, chasing down beads that were rolling down the dresser, which is apparently uneven, and then picking small beads off of his skin while trying to keep him from getting any more in his hands/mouth. 

My god, what a mess.  I finally get him cleaned up, dressed, and into his carseat.  It's now 7:36.  I am officially late.

So I head to A-Care on my normal route, and what do I encounter?


They apparently picked today to repave a four way intersection, and for some reason they only had one flag guy trying to control all 4 lanes and directions of traffic.  And for some other reason unknown to me, he was letting the traffic in the three other directions go, but not the lane that I was in (I think because they were doing the majority of work on my side of the intersection. 

We waiting for at least 10 minutes.  EH was getting annoyed and fussy.  I was twitching with irritation, trying to remember if I washed my hands or not. 

Just when I was starting to debate turning around and finding a different route they let us through.  Except I wasn't allowed to turn right like I wanted to.  I had to go straight, into a maze-like development that I'd never been in before.  I followed all of the other cars, hoping that one of them knew where they were going but it was definitely a round-about way, and finally came out on the road I wanted, a mile or two further up. 

We finally get to A-Care and I get EH dropped off.  That takes longer than normal because we've been tweaking his eating and napping schedule, which was recommended by the pediatrician. 

I finally left A-Care at 7:57. I'm supposed to start work at 8:15 and it usually takes me 45 minutes to get there (from my house, so 35 minutes from A-Care.)

So I arrived at work at 8:35, which isn't too bad, considering everything else that went wrong today.  But that's what life with a 9 month old is like, right?  It certainly isn't boring, I'll give you that!  Let's hope that the rest of the day is a major improvement.... 


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