Week 35

The level of movement that I feel these days is incredible.  It's not just at certain times of the day anymore, it's pretty much constant.  Rarely more than an hour goes by where I don't feel huge, rolling waves of movement that are clearly visible even through my shirt.

All movement is still focused on the right side of my body, and that is clearly where he prefers to hang out.  Some nights I lay on my back and look at how my stomach is sagging to the right.  I use my hands to "push" him to the left and it's hilarious to see him just plop back to the right side.

Until recently, I never had a strong sense of his size.  I felt little movements here and there but it was never enough to really understand that a small, 5 pound human was moving around in there.  I used to read the emails that said "your baby is as big as a pineapple" but had a hard time visualizing that.  Now I feel movement from all directions and can really tell that there's something massive growing in there.  I can tell that not only is there is something the size of a large pineapple in there, it also has arms and legs.  I continue to not believe that he's still going to continue to get bigger.  At this point I think I'll be in denial forever.

We had our last baby shower two weekends ago and I am officially done with long, 5 to 6 hour car drives.  A while back we had to decide whether or not we were going to attend a wedding on August 6th, even though it was within that "last four weeks" window of time when they recommend you stay close to home.  Ultimately, I decided that I didn't want to take the risk and we decided not to go.  Now, I am sooo glad that we decided that way.  After all of these showers and parties and long drives in the car I realized that there is  NO WAY that I'm going to be up for that in three more weeks.  Absolutely no way.

Anyway, the week 35 picture is more of a full body one, taken by DH.  I'm going to use this soon in a comparison like I did at 26 weeks.  If I cringed then, I'm probably going to faint this time.

With a shirt on it's still pretty obvious that I am huge... but then I take the shirt off....

If I didn't know better, I would say that there were two in there.

It's like a bullet protruding from my abdomen.  No wonder people are always asking how I feel - I look so uncomfortable!!!

Comparison coming soon....


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